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Known as a DJ for 10 years, and now producing her own music, Garance is on the way to become the notorious DJ she desserves to be…

About Garance


Garance was raised in Geneva during a time where many squats still remained throughout the city. This unique setting created a number of possibilities for her to discover new music and musical movements. Attracted by the nightlife, wild and vilolent, filled with emotion, frequent random encounters with eccentric and exhuberant figures, there could only be one style of music suitable as the soundtrack of this nightcrawler’s life: electronic music. Previously and besides these activities, she learnt to play the flute, bagpipes and music theory for fifteen years. This academic musical background was sure to influence her in creating her own music, way later…

Her first musical crush fell upon soulful chicago house, deephouse and artists such as Terry Lee Brown Jr, Timewritter, David Alvarado, Akabu… Garance was also influenced by labels such as Plastic City, Mood Music or NRK. Her dedication to listening to Couleur 3’s special broadcast: Pump it Up may also have contributed to her devolpment.
In 2005, the idea of becoming a DJ started to become real. At this moment, the most popular style was minimal techno, but Garance dared to play a more deephouse sound, and brought back this sound to the surrounding clubs. She evolved her sound show after show by adding some clubbing, techhouse or techno sounds to her mix. Her musical signature can now be described as being similar to artists such as Tale of Us, Guy J, Alex Niggemann, Christian Burkhardt, Daso….
After using turntables at first, Garance decided to try a more technological version of playing by using a laptop and the famous Traktor software. At the time she was living in Brasil, where it was almost impossible for her to carry all the vinly she loved around with her. Today you will almost always find her using a CDJ; another proof of her versatility, she can surprise you at anytime !

All along her 10 year career, she has visited a lot of famous venues and festivals (Electron Festival, D-Edge, Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke, Sundaze), in a many different countries (Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Brazil ….). Friendly and interesting encounters taking place along her journey: Virginia, Dinky, Tube&Berger, Deetron, Murat Tepeli, Function , Andrew Grant, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Alex Niggemann, Camea, Zohki&Roozlee, Anek, Murat Tepeli, Sierra Sam, Yossi Amoyal, XDB, Dandy Jack, Italoboyz and many more….
Her DJ set always contains a genius mix of famous songs, as well as some new discoveries. At first driven by melodies, you will be amazed by the way she can switch from one atmosphere to another. Garance is a risk taker, who doesn’t limit herself musically.
She is currently beginning to produce her own tracks, and has already released two EP this year on the prestigious Souldfooled and Distric Raw label.

Garance – Live @ Electron Festival


– EP “Alice & Suzy”, Caduceus Empirical 2015
– EP “Loro Cabeciazul”, Soulfooled 2015
– EP “Karavell”, District Raw 2015
– Track Remix from Retsu, Soulfooled 2015

Garance – Soulflooded Podcast no.30

Garance – Indian Summer (Original mix), District Raw

Garance – Live at Superafter, D-Edge, Sao Paulo, 2014

Nick Warren played “Run Kala Run” (Soulfooled): link
Zohki&Roozlee (Moon Harbour) played “Wild Manekineko” (Soulfooled): link
Fabio Gianelli played “Karavell” (District Raw): link
Lee Van Dowski played “Alice” (Caduceus Empirical): link
Zohki played “Alice” (Cadeuceus Empirical): link
“Alice” in Electro Libre (Couleur 3) of the 3rd November 2015: link
IHOUSE: link



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